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It's here! Secure file storage from Microsoft.

Finally, a reason to use OneDrive over Dropbox.
Personal Vault is a protected area in OneDrive where you can store your most important or sensitive files and photos without sacrificing the convenience of anywhere access.
They guide you through setting up your Pe…

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Simple steps to business continuity

What steps can your tech take to secure your ability to conduct business?
Offsite and local backups
Good antivirus
Monthly or bi-Monthly review - 150 point checklist
Credit monitoring, for important company email boxes and owners credit profile
Multi-factor secure passwords for email
Active se…

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Why would anyone want to encrypt my data?

Antivirus vendor Sophos investigated the SamSam encryption virus and finds the one person that owns all the accounts associated with it makes about $300,000 per month doing this. Almost $6 Million so far. Next time you ask why would someone do this, there's your answer.

Should I buy a credit monitoring service?

In today's ever insecure digital world, our data gets stolen constantly.

YES. You. Should. Buy. Credit. Monitoring.

Not just any credit monitoring will do. You need active dark web scans, email breach searches, SLA and a large dollar warranty, with active support for remediation. Reach out to us a…

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How much is a new PC?

6 core! Gen8 Intel 4GHz processors, 16GB Ram, 256GB SSD - about $600. 3yr On Site Warranty. Need a new PC? Call today 914-417-8249

Carbonite for Mac - make this change to continue backing up.

Once you've updated to macOS Mojave 10.14, Carbonite will need to be added to "Full Disk Access" to ensure we can continue backing up your files as expected. PM us for step instructions on how to add Carbonite to "Full Disk Access".

Looking for QuickBooks downloads?

The ever elusive QuickBooks download page...

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When I change tech companies, what questions do I need to ask?

For the IT techs out there, a list of questions for transition to or from a client.

Who is the Registrar for your domain(s)? (Needed even if transferring.)
What is the account number and password? If combined with other clients, how much notice do you need to release the domain to us?
How many …

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How can I market my business for free?

Are you getting all the Free advertising you can get? Google app "MyBusiness" made changes over the last year that may keep you from being seen. Install it. Check your company profile - and update it! For me, it equates to about 1,500 extra views by interested customers. Get reviews from your (non c…

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Should I buy a Mac or PC?

From the common questions file:
"Should I buy a Mac or PC?"
That depends... Which are you familiar with? Can you easily learn something new? Do you like change? Are you sensitive to price?
If your main focus is price, get a PC. If your main concern is familiarity, stay where you are. Don't buy un…

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Ho much does a new PC cost?

The question I get asked most often is:
"How much is a new computer?"

For full "white glove service," including a 3 yr warranty, email, printers and data transfer, we average the following prices (+/- $200 depending on personal choices).
All prices include parts and labor.
New PC desktop, $1…

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How do I know if it's better to fix or replace my computer?

From the common questions file:
"How do I know if it's better to fix or replace my computer?" There's an average 5 year life span on drives and power supplies, and a 7 year average on boards. If you're at 3 years and you experience a problem, it may be right to fix it. If you're at the 5 year mark,…

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IS buying a refurbished PC OK?

From the common questions file:
"Should I buy new or refurbished?" It depends on the company certifying the repair. I only buy Dell refurbished business units because they have all been checked for problems, all have a same as new warranty, a lower price point and the best warranty policy on the ma…

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What computer brand do you recommend?

From the common questions file"
"Outside of Dell, who do you recommend?"
Lenovo and Mac are my only two retail choices for reliability reasons. At last check, HP business systems are comparable to Dell but a comparable warranty is not offered. HP will only change 1 part, or you mail your system in…

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Stop Teams from popping up after every restart

To stop Microsoft Teams from launching automatically every time you reboot, click on Start/Settings/Apps/Startup. Turn off Microsoft Teams

Surge Protectors Fail!

If you lost your computer today, right now, would you be OK? A $12 surge protector is a small price to pay for insurance. Change them every time you change a computer. They have a life span! A 1,000 joule surge protector will only be good for a single 1,000 joule spike, or 10x 100 joule spikes. Afte…

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