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Blog posts November 2019

Help! A Windows Service Pack crashed my server! A map away from your own personal underworld.

Geek Alert: If you're not a geek, this isn't for you.

If your server is in boot loop after installation of a Windows update, it can be due to pending.xlm files not getting cleared. Thankfully this can be easy - if you're lucky.

Run Dism /image:C:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions    //Assu…

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How to hack a server in under a minute

For the White Hats out there, this is a fix when bad stuff happens. You get locked out of your server, or a client gets locked out of theirs.

Note: You may need to turn off secure boot if booting from a USB drive, and re-enable it when finished making changes.

Boot from a DVD or USB stick. Get…

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How to forward mail from an Exchange alias to a subfolder

How can you forward mail from an Exchange alias to a subfolder? If any of you have tried this, it no longer works. Typically. There is a way around this that is free and stable. Remove your alias from the user account. Add a group email box with the name of your desired alias. Give the user permissi…

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2019 $1 million tax deduction!

Need IT equipment? Want a tax deduction? Why not both? For 2019 the maximum deduction is $1 million. See your tax professional.

Old Style Contact Records in Outlook

Do you miss the days of the full contact record in Outlook. Disclaimer: Minor tech skills are required here and stick to the plan or bad things can happen. This is for Windows users only.

Plan 1: Copy and paste the following registry entry into a text file. Save the file as Outlook Contact…

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