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Blog posts December 2019

Prevent Facebook Hacking

Most of the time Facebook, Linked-In and other accounts seem like benign tools – until they get hacked. Both named services offer Multi-Factor Authentication to help keep your accounts under your control.…

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Hacked computer while charging your phone

Be careful of the cheap cables you buy for your Apple products. The price has come down on a cable that will allow a hacker entrance to your desktop when it is plugged into your device via a "new" power cable.…

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How to reuse a thumb drive formatted as a bootable drive

In today's world of updated computers that boot to a thumb drive, it's easy to convert your drive to an OS bootable disk but it seems impossible to make use of it again.

In Windows, it's rather easy to solve this issue.

From the Disk Manager, right click on the removable disk you want to edit.…

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