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VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over IP has come so much farther than home phones that work over the internet connection. Now you can tie phones into email systems, know in Outlook if someone is available or on the phone, calls routed to any device with a phone number or all of them at once. You can take your office calls at home seamlessly, even transferring to other extensions, voicemail and conferencing multiple parties. Add a webcam and the fun really starts.

The bottom line of Voice over IP is that a client can have a consistent phone bill no matter where they call or how many lines they need. I have set up offices that were able to drop their phone bill by a thousand dollars per month.

Do you know someone that could benefit from a solution like this?

My ideal client is a business with between 5 and 50 employees in the Westchester or Southern Connecticut areas.
Manufacturing, Real Estate and Legal offices are all great.

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